Hello everyone. 

     I’m Gumshoe Nick, and this is my sidekick Braden.  Together we make one great team as we help people, shoes, candy canes and other things we find that need help.  It’s so wonderful to have this freedom to do this since normal shoes can’t. 

     It all started because a man in the factory was so tired, he hadn’t remembered to switch off the conveyor belt.  There was an accident in the shoe factory that night and I was lucky enough to come alive.  Thanks to the noise at the factory, Braden heard it and flew down to see what all the commotion was about.  That’s when he saw me.  Fortunately for me he flew down just in time to grab me by the laces before the No Paw Gang snatched me up.  I was so new and didn’t know what was happening.  I owe Braden my life.    

     The No Paw Gang have been my rival and try and steal shoes, toys and anything they can get their teeth into.  I’ve had to save many shoes and other things from them. 

     Braden and I love watching detective shows and we decided we could do that as well.  As luck would have it, it turns out we are very good at it as we help others out.   We’ve saved Sally the Sandal in our first book we put out, helped Stripes in this one and we have more adventures to follow

     It was Braden’s keen eye that we’ve been able to help in different ways just as we helped Stripes discover who he really is through discoodling.  We know discoodling is a fun thing to do so we decided to write this one with Stripes so you can have fun with it as well.  We’ve been going through our cases and slowly but surely we’re writing out the one’s we’ve had the most fun with. 

     I hope you enjoy these stories and the other ones we’re putting up on the Fun Stuff page. 

     Thank you so much for coming to our website and we hope you enjoy it here. 

Nick and Braden.

Gumshoe Nick